Montebello Councilwoman Christina Cortez Praises First Responders

Montebello, CA, August 17, 2015 –  Montebello Councilwoman Christina Cortez Monday issued the following statement on the Lincoln Fire, which scorched several acres threatening homes and affecting regional air quality.

"I want to thank our outstanding Montebello Fire Department for a quick and immediate response that protected the safety of our community. 

"I would also thank our neighboring cities and the county for their mutual aid, and pilots for their brave work in the air.  We can all be very thankful that no one was seriously injured. 

"When you see a firefighter today, wave and say, ‘Thank you.’

"While I know some residents are still without power, I want to applaud their patience while we work to have electricity restored.  

"The homeless issue we face along the riverbed is of great concern. I pledge to help lead the efforts and work with our community partners toward a solution.”